Talk Python Training Mobile Apps

Talk Python Training Mobile Apps are mobile apps for Android and Apple for Talk Python Training website. Watch Talk Python Training courses on your device, on the go, or even offline!


The fastest & easiest desktop list scrubbing application.

Trivia Buff

Did you know that the color orange was named after the fruit? This and many other trivia facts are added daily. All facts are verified and have a corresponding article. Share the amazing facts with your friends or save for later.

Australia on Disc Business Edition

Australia on Disc is an Australia-wide information database providing access to the names, addresses and phone numbers (and much more) of over 1 million+ Australian businesses

Business Online Api

Business Online API is a collection of several REST services for interacting with internet banking platform of Bank of Georgia for corporate customers. Service calls are done over HTTP protocol. Information can be exchanged in json and xml formats.

Entity Framework Exceptions

Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Supports SQLServer, PostgreSQL and MySql


Idencia is a powerful, yet simple to use, Quality Control data collection system for the Manufacturing Industry that works in the Cloud.

LINQPad Query Plan Visualizer

An SQL Server query execution plan visualizer for LINQPad. LINQPad allows the user to execute LINQ queries, but it has no way to display the query execution plan so I started an open-source plugin for LINQPad which shows the query execution plan.