CarBot is a Slack bot to quickly and easily lookup car owner in the slack workplace.

At Bank of Georgia we grew up rapidly in the last couple of years so our parking lot didn’t have enough space for all the cars. Because of this we had to park them in the middle of the parking lot and block other cars. Because of this, if you wanted to exit the parking you were usually blocked and you had to either email the whole office or send the car number in slack to find the owner. Everyone was getting spammed and it was taking time for the car owner to see the message and respond.

I created a custom slack bot that I called CarBot that knows all the car numbers of the employees and their phone numbers. So if you want to find who is blocking you all you have to do is message CarBot with the car number and you will get the owners name and number as a reply instantly! The phone number uses tel: scheme so you can click on it to launch the phone app automatically.

CarBot can also fetch current currency rates, weather information and horoscope.

Giorgi Dalakishvili
World-Class Software Engineer