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I am a software developer with more than a decade of experience. I work mainly with C#, ASP.NET Core/ASP.NET MVC, REST, GraphQL, WCF, Xamarin, Android, iOS, Entity Framework, AWS, Azure, SQL Server and Oracle. Top 1% on Stack Overflow and member of Top 3% freelance software developers network.

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Recent Posts

How Cloudflare Broke My Build and How I Fixed It

About a month ago, my open-source project EntityFramework.Exceptions failed to build on AppVeyor, the continuous integration service that I have been using for several years.

Introducing GraphQLinq - Strongly Typed GraphQL Queries with LINQ to GraphQL.

Consuming a GraphQL api in C# is straightforward with either using HttpClient directly or using a client library such as GraphQL.Client but both suffer from the same problems: The GraphQL queries do not go through any compile-time checking, and any mistake in the query isn’t discovered until you execute the query at runtime. For example, to query SpaceX GraphQL API for all missions where the manufacturer is Orbital ATK you need to run the following query:

Updating LINQPad.QueryPlanVisualizer for LINQPad6 And Entity Framework Core

LINQPad.QueryPlanVisualizer is a custom visualizer for LINQPad that shows a database query plan inside LINQPad. It also shows missing indexes for the query that you can create directly from LINQPad. Since then, a new major version, LINQPad 6, was released that targets .NET Core 3 and .NET 5 and uses Entity Framework Core (as well as LINQ-to-SQL) for running Linq queries. To support these changes, I have just released a new version of LINQPad.



CarBot is a Slack bot to quickly and easily lookup car owner in the slack workplace.

Power Tags Alarm & Reminders

Power Tags Alarm & Reminders Mobile Apps are companion apps for Android and Apple for Power Tags website. Automate tasks via your calendar and never set an alarm or reminder!

Talk Python Training Mobile Apps

Talk Python Training Mobile Apps are companion apps for Android and Apple for Talk Python Training website. Watch Talk Python Training courses on your device, on the go, or even offline!


The fastest & easiest desktop list scrubbing application.

Trivia Buff

Did you know that the color orange was named after the fruit? This and many other trivia facts are added daily. All facts are verified and have a corresponding article. Share the amazing facts with your friends or save for later.

Australia on Disc Business Edition

Australia on Disc is an Australia-wide information database providing access to the names, addresses and phone numbers (and much more) of over 1 million+ Australian businesses

Business Online Api

Business Online API is a collection of several REST services for interacting with internet banking platform of Bank of Georgia for corporate customers.

Service calls are done over HTTP protocol. Information can be exchanged in json and xml formats.

Entity Framework Exceptions

Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Supports SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite and MySql


Idencia is a powerful, yet simple to use, Quality Control data collection system for the Manufacturing Industry that works in the Cloud.

LINQPad Query Plan Visualizer

An SQL Server and PostgreSQL query execution plan visualizer for LINQPad.

LINQPad allows users to execute LINQ queries, but it has no way to display the query execution plan so I started an open-source plugin for LINQPad which shows the query execution plan.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Beyond Relational with Traditional Databases – Working with JSON, Spatial data and Full-Text Search

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What’s New for Oracle .NET and Entity Framework Core Developers

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LINQ to GraphQL: Query GraphQL with LINQ syntax

Would you like to use LINQ syntax for your GraphQL queries? In this week’s episode, I talk about GraphQLinq, a LINQ to GraphQL …

Visualizing Database Query Plans

Learn what a query plan is, how to view EF Core query plan in LINQPad, find missing indexes, and improve performance of your queries.

Typed Exceptions for Entity Framework Core

When using Entity Framework Core for data access all database exceptions are wrapped in DbUpdateException. If you need to know whether …